1. Open hue.ini file that you are using and check if Solr URL is correctly mentioned there or not

    1. Go to its configuration UI page (http://localhost:8888/dump_config) and check the configuration for search.

      /etc/hue/hue.ini configuration
      Configuration Sections and Variables solr_url
    2. Make sure /etc/hue/hue.ini file must have URL of the Solr Server

      solr_url=http://<solr server name>:8983/solr/
  2. Go to the file /etc/default/solr and check whether you have below section uncommented


    This allows hue user to access solr collections as proxy users.

  3. Check if solr service is running. If you have made any change you can restart both the services to be on safer side

    sudo service solr-server status
    sudo service solr-server restart
    sudo service hue restart

    Then if you click on the search button you should be able to see all your solr collections ready to be imported

    Import Collections and Cores