• Soumen Chandra Soumen Chandra Posted 5 Articles As of April, 2015 I have around 10 years of IT experience, all in development track with J2EE technology stack (Struts, Spring, JMS, JPA, EJB)and Content Management (FileNet). My recent tryst with Hadoop ecosystem opens up altogether a different world to me. How I am poaching (for failing to poach) time from my grueling delivery schedule of my employer now becomes a really interesting hide and seek game for me. But soon I will be setting up CDH at my workplace and engage in a client POC.
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Troubleshooting for Hue-Solr Integration

By Soumen Chandra on Jun 18, 2015 12:14:48 AM

Troubleshooting: Cloudera Hue not able to access Solr collections through Search tab assuming both are set up with CDH4


NRT (Near Real Time) Indexing using Cloudera Search And Lily HBase Indexer

By Soumen Chandra on May 19, 2015 8:44:33 PM

You are not so strong with SQL or you are not good at programming? And you need to create distributed scalable search on a very large dataset stored in HBase? And you need to achieve NRT (Near Real Time) indexing? Cloudera search along with Lily Hbase Indexer is there to rescue you!


Cloudera Hadoop (CDH 5.x) Installation Guide

By Soumen Chandra on May 10, 2015 2:04:25 PM

It is affectionately said that what Oracle is to Relational Database, Cloudera is to Hadoop. Most of the Hadoop aspirants, at the beginning of their Hadoop development learning curve, fiddle with the setting up of CDH, some able to do it smoothly (Cloudera has put up an incredibly exhaustive installation guide), some requires to really sweat it out (few finer details and prerequisites are either missing or not enough emphasized upon) and very few actually gives it up losing their way in the verbose and cover-all-cases installation guide(multiple way of set up and different set of instructions for different linux OS; sometimes too much of variations for impatient starters). So there is a target audience for one more set up document which is leaner, meaner and streamlined with only one (the most preferred) variation. Try it at home!!


Hadoop Hands on - A POC Covering HDFS API, MapReduce, JSON and AVRO SerDe, HBase API With FuzzyRowFilter usage

By Soumen Chandra on Apr 13, 2015 12:27:43 AM

My learning phase with Hadoop is still continuing. During this phase what I found is a great lack of a comprehensive POC which covers at least a few prominent Hadoop technologies. My POC can fill up that void. After having set up CDH4.7 in my laptop, I completed implementation of this POC touching HDFS API, MapReduce, JSON and AVRO SerDe, HBase.


Cucumber Quick Start Guide

By Soumen Chandra on May 31, 2014 2:10:18 PM

I have been told that, medically, Cucumber can cause indigestion. Let's see...


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