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Internet of Things

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Abhijit Ghosh
5 min read Min Read
Sometimes I feel, kids do this just to irritate us. Or may be, we always have a prioritized  list of problems in our subconscious mind. When we solve the top one, the next one pops up and gets highlighted. It is indeed never ending. Few extra hours of running TV...
Abhijit Ghosh
6 min read Min Read
This is my first post on home automation. As a 'Hello World' project, switching on/off a bulb is a common use case. This post is not an exception. But to spice it up, we'll use MQTT (MQ Telemetry Transport) - a machine-to-machine (M2M)/Internet of Things (IOT) connectivity protocol...
Abhijit Ghosh
4 min read Min Read
ESP8266 can act as both Station / WIFI client (STA_IF interface) and Access Point (AP_IF interface). AP_IF interface is active by default in MycroPython firmware on ESP826 . In the earlier post, we connected to the access point (AP mode) of ESP8266 and used WebREPL to remotely control switch...
Abhijit Ghosh
3 min read Min Read
WebREPL daemon auto-start is disabled by default in MycroPython on ESP8266 for security reason. Here, we'll enable the same, connect to the REPL over WIFI using locally installed WebREPL client and run a "Hello World" program remotely on the chip....