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Collection of online Domain, SEO, Utility, Developer's Tools for free.

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HTML Tools

  • HTTP Headers Viewer
    View HTTP Headers for a webpage.
  • JavaScript Extractor
    Extract embedded JavaScript code from a webpage.
  • URL Encoder Decoder
    Encode or Decode URL string or Form parameter.
  • HTML to Text Converter
    Convert HTML to plain text.
  • Meta Tags Extractor
    Extract and view meta tags from a web page.
  • HTML Encoder Decoder
    Encode or Decode HTML text.
  • Link Extractor
    Extract links from a web page.
  • What is my User Agent?
    Detect and analyze "User-Agent" header sent from your web browser to the web servers.
  • Detect Browser Language Perference
    Detect your browser's language perferences sent to the web servers.

Domain Tools

  • URL Redirection Checker
    Find Redirection locations of a URL.
  • IP Geo Location Finder
    Find Geo-Location details of an IP.
  • URL Deobfuscator
    Simplify complex looking URL to extract information stored in it.
  • What is my IP?
    Find out your network's public IP address.


  • Message Digester
    Calculate message digest using different algorithms like MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA3, SM3, TIGER, WHIRLPOOL, GOST3411, SKEIN etc.


  • JSON Viewer/Formatter
    View/convert ugly/compressed JSON string to a readable format.
  • SQL Formatter
    SQL tidy tool to format and beautify basic DDL and DML SQL statements.
  • XML Formatter
    Pretty print unformatted XML string to a readable format.


  • Fake Credit Card Number Generator
    Generates fake credit card number of different credit card issuers for testing purpouse only.

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Escape or Unescape String
    Escape or Unescape String for CSV, HTML, Java, Java Script/EcmaScript and XML.