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Spring Framework

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Spring Mobile is an extension to Spring MVC for development of mobile web applications. The Spring Mobile Device module provides a feature (DeviceResolver / LiteDeviceResolver) to detect devices like mobile and tablet in the server side. Device aware view management is very useful specially when it is required to serve different...
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Spring AOP uses either JDK dynamic proxies or CGLIB to create the proxy for a given target object. If the target object to be proxied, does not implement any interfaces then a CGLIB proxy will be created. In this situation if CGLIB is not present in the classpath following exception...
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AppFog Cloud Platform is built by using the Cloud Foundry OSS bits alongside its own set of custom extensions and enhancements. AppFog provides good command line tool to deploy application but we can configure Cloud Foundry Integration plugin of Eclipse / Spring Tool Suite (STS) to deploy web application directly from...