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Soumen Chandra

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Have around 15 years of IT development experience in J2EE and Content Management. My recent tryst with Hadoop ecosystem opens up altogether a different world to me.

Soumen Chandra
12 min read Min Read
You are not so strong with SQL or you are not good at programming? And you need to create distributed scalable search on a very large dataset stored in HBase? And you need to achieve NRT (Near Real Time) indexing? Cloudera search along with Lily Hbase Indexer is there to...
Soumen Chandra
3 min read Min Read
My learning phase with Hadoop is still continuing. During this phase what I found is a great lack of a comprehensive POC which covers at least a few prominent Hadoop technologies. My POC can fill up that void. After having set up CDH4.7 in my laptop, I completed implementation...